Maybe...just maybe, I was born to do this!

Of course I wouldn't have said that as a teenager in fact I doubt that I would have said anything quite as constructive or nearly as optimistic.  

Nonetheless in 1986 at the age of sixteen I started in a profession that as a school-leaver I hadn't known existed. A profession that would go on to span over thirty years and two continents.  


  Apparently so.  

 Striving for the perfection of my craft?


Joining a highly reputable Gallery in the Historic Market Town of Romsey in the south of England in 1986 as an apprentice,I soon became absorbed into the world of art and the craft of Picture Framing. Undertaking a further education course in Interior Design and part time experience with Graphic Design only added to my interests in the visual arts. As the years passed my experience and confidence grew,as did the list of notable clients for whom we strove to provide with a quality service and with that gain an enviable reputation as,quote,'One of the finest Picture Framing establishments in the south of England'.

1991 was the year I completed and passed an exam with The Fine Art Trade Guild in London,England,to earn the title of Guild Commended Framer 'gcf'.

One of the many lessons that my teacher and mentor taught me back in 1986 was that customer service and quality control should always be of the utmost importance and that all finished work regardless of value should be of the highest quality front and back,otherwise the work would only ever be half done and almost good enough.

I don't do almost good enough.

 I never did.

 I never will.

Fast forward to 2004 and I started K FRAME,a home-based business in the unique and historiccountry town of Strathalbyn,South Australia. Working from home gave me the opportunity to help raise my two children and to be an integral part of their lives whilst at the same time allowing me to build relationships with my clients with an aim to provide the same traditional values that many reputable establishments were once known for,you could say that I'm still a little 'Old School' in that regard!

In 2010 I was selected to enter The Antons National Creative Framing Competition and my work was chosen as the runner-up from the South Australian entries.

Working from my studio in one of 'the lanes' of historic Strathalbyn and with an extensive client base of conscientious creative people from many locations across the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia, including but not limited to; Strathalbyn,The Adelaide Hills,Langhorne Creek,Goolwa,Victor Harbor,Milang,Clayton,Ashbourne,Macclesfield and The McLaren Vale,K FRAME aims to consistently provide the same passion and exacting standards to clients from all walks of life...Fine-Art professionals and budding artists alike.Textile artists and Needlework enthusiasts.Graphic artists. Photographers.Business people.Home-owners.Memorabilia collectors.Antique lovers and Renovators.Creatives and Conservators.

Regular people who want and can rely on honest advice and serious input for the enhancement and preservation of their Art in all of its many and often unique forms. People who have come to expect conservation framing materials are standards when direct contact with artwork takes place and the techniques employed to achieve those lasting protective and aesthetic results are an affordable common practice and not just a luxury option. Being a Fine Art Trade Guild Commended Framer is,I believe, a guarantee of quality,integrity and reliability and a testament of my commitment to provide a consistently high standard in all aspects of my craft.

Paul D Kemmis gcf.